MuseumCompanion makes museums more accessible, especially for visually- and hearing impaired people. The dedicated system is universally designed for museums with the user interface on the visitor’s own smartphone.

MuseumCompanion offer indoor navigation at the museum and provides speci cally adapted information about the museum’s attractions. The visitors receives relevant location speci c information automatically when in close proximity to an attraction. As the visitors moves around in the museum, they receives information continuously about the sights in the immediate vicinity. Indoor navigation guide the visitors around and provide general information about the surrounding areas.

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Beacon Technology

Beacons are small wireless units transmitting a predefined Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal. The information stored in the signal is received by a BLE compatible unit – typically a smartphone or a tablet. Preinstalled apps on the unit translate the BLE information received into defined actions in the apps.

The beacons are usually stationary while the receiving units are moving as their users move. Possible use is to provide indoor navigation and context relevant location information. This could be useful information about a specific item in an art museum, walking guidelines for indoor navigation, menus and ordering information in restaurants, mobile payment in stores, relevant shopping offers in a store and specific coupons.